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ELGIN FARM: Select Ballads, Poems & Songs (Paperback)

By David Lear  NEW

A collection of lyrical works mostly written while on a farm outside Austin, TX. Conjures the Americana life, wayward travels, sinners, redemption, love tragedy & hard working blues.

Special Price! from PayPal for  $12.50 + s&h.

(Normally $14.95)


By David Lear & Michael Germaine

A tale of a slouchy car salesman who see terrifying clairvoyant visions & warns everyone including his wife & police only to become suspect of the murderous plots. Written in screenplay/script format.

Buy: PayPal $14.50 plus s&h.




By David Lear & Michael Germaine

Slacker wannabe rockabilly musician falls for girl with Bettie Page looks, addictions & steamy sexual lifestyle. Misreading the I Ching, he falls obsessively in love & tries to save her ending up at odds a maniac out to kill.

Also available through PayPal $12.50 plus S&H.



The Nob Hill Billys “DANG!” (Cd | Mp3)

David Lear fronts the Americana Alt. Country Rock band. Singing & writing most of the material. From Rockabilly Nation Records.

Buy: PayPal for $12.50 plus s&h.

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Faith River Worship “FRW” (Cd | Mp3)

With moody edgy Modern & Classic Rock styles, David Lear along w/ Paul “Dim Wanker” Sercu produce this long awaited CD.

Buy: PayPal for $12.97 plus s&h.

Merch: Tshirts, Caps

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David Lear “QUIET DELUXE” (Cd )

Collection of ballads written or recorded while living mastered at Lilyfield Farm (Elgin TX).

Buy: PayPal for $12.50 plus s&h.


Quiet Deluxe Tee: Scan down view




The Que “BEATBOYS”  (DL)

David Lear & band helped pioneer new alternative rock in the 80’s bringing melody, pop ,angst in vintage vinyl now on CD. More

Buy: PayPal for $12.50 plus s&h.


Beatboys Tee: Scan down to view