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“I need a soul transfusion, one to wake this human machine...”

                                                                                              From Soul Transfusion Faith River Worship “FRW” CD 

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In this time of social economic upheaval, personal frustration from job loss, family difficulties due to addictions and financial restraints and the loss of faith, it is important to never forget the human spirit of giving beyond our comfort zones.


I was raised by a single mother working two jobs and going to night school in her effort to better the lives my sisters and I. Though money was scarce, there was always an open door policy at the dinner table for friends and strangers. Somehow mom would extend the food like the story of Jesus with loaves of bread and fish.


The thing that entranced me most was no matter how hard times would get, she would always be donating to charity organizations, churches and the homeless. I remember she would collect all are old clothes and fill the car trunk… off we would go driving south to a small Mexican town where she would park the car and begin handing out our old shirts, shoes, sweaters, etc. Soon we would be engulfed in the elated crowd as they approached with smiles on their faces to accept the offerings. Whew!


Never forget the spirit of giving… it is a lesson and a rebirth within us all. We can help revive the world! Thank you.

-David Lear

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“Seabiscuit” Equine Star Helps Neigh Savers (from Neigh Savers Oct 09 Newsletter)


Lily Weeks is the 16 year old rider /trainer of Fair King / Cody (barn name) who was born at Los Alamitos Race Track and won one race in his short career as a racing horse. He eventually landed as an actor on the set Seabiscuit. One of 30 horses they procured for the film. David Lear went to work on Seabiscuit in the Production Dept managing the huge VIP list as well as Set Protection for Santa Anita and various locations throughout California. It was another job in the creative field that he has always worked in and enjoys. He is also a balladeer of song, script and story with CD & paperback books published.


David says, “Acquiring Cody was one of those magical things that happen. One of those "had to be there" scenarios. At wrap of the film production I asked someone what they intended to do with these horses. The reply was "trying to find them homes", to which I got very excited. As on most films, once they are through with the purchases of office equipment, studio gear, etc etc everything must go. From a film perspective, it is all tax write-off and they begin the task of unloading what was acquired. In this case it was horses. After speaking to famous Jockeys like Gary Stevens and various groomers working on film, they concluded that Cody would be a fine purchase for a young rider. I made a bid to the production office and they accepted. Cody was then moved to Lilyfield Farm in Austin, TX where we all live currently. Lilyfield Farm is our private animal sanctuary where we pride ourselves as the only farm in Texas where the goats don't get eaten! “


As it turns out, Cody always had the show bug. He began with dressage training/hunter jumper and excelled. He now specializes in jumping 6 foot high to any audience that will pay him a little attention. He has won many ribbons in various shows. As you can see in the photo attached that Cody and Lily make a really good team. As she plans for college education she intends to take Cody with her to an Equestrian School so they can continue their endeavors together.


Thank you David, Cody and Lily and everyone at Lilyfield Farm for helping our off track thoroughbreds through selling on EBay!!!  To help Neigh Savers please visit auctions  here


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Cody & Lily







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